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Aksilbet paint for concrete and concrete fences.

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AKSILBET is an acrylic-silicone, water-soluble, protective and decorative, water-repellent paint for painting concrete with very high resistance to weather conditions and excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate.

It is based on modern raw materials that guarantee the highest quality.

AKSILBET paint for concrete is intended for painting concrete and:

• concrete fences,

• concrete haberdashery, garden figures, balusters, concrete tombstones,

• concrete floors intended for pedestrian traffic, e.g. in basements, garden walkways,

• communication engineering facilities: bridges and concrete screens (sound barriers made of sawdust concrete or expanded clay concrete),

• facades of residential, industrial and sacral buildings,

• internal walls of buildings: public, livestock, food industry - certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene,

• efficiency from 1 l of concrete paint up to 8 m2 with a single painting

• AKSILBET provides the effect of fresh and easy-to-clean surfaces

• vapor-permeable coating – allows water vapor diffusion and is highly resistant to carbon dioxide diffusion.

• AKSILBET perfectly adheres to the substrate

• AKSILBET is an effective protection of concrete against erosion (carbonation)

• AKSILBET is a barrier against the penetration of derived chloride ions

from the environment (salt for sprinkling the streets), which destroy the concrete.

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