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Adhesive for tiles OPTOLITH SuperElastic 25KG


Highly flexible SuperElastic tile adhesive, class C2 TE S1.


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Deformable adhesive for all ceramic tiles. A product with improved parameters, increased adhesion and strength, reduced run-off and extended open time.


§ For critical substrates - terraces, balconies, floor or wall heating, tile on tile

§ For demanding tiles - large formats, clinker stoneware

§ Non-dusting - health, cleanliness of work and rooms

§ Reinforced with a special fiber with increased adhesion


For thin-layer and medium-layer gluing of glazed tiles, terracotta, stoneware, stoneware, ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaics, clinker, brick tiles, decorative stone, prefabricated tiles and small-size elements made of concrete, conglomerates. Particularly recommended for underfloor heating, terraces, balconies, for damp and water seals, for tanks, pool basins, for facade surfaces, "tile on tile" and stable substrates made of plasterboards and OSB boards.

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196 Items

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