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MAGNAT Ceramic white 5L


Ceramic interior paint.

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MAGNAT Ceramic is a stain-resistant ceramic paint, created on the basis of the highest quality resins and pigments for the most demanding customers. It is characterized by above-average resistance to scrubbing and repeated washing. The coatings do not absorb difficult dirt and are resistant to disinfectants. The product provides excellent coverage and efficiency, does not splash while painting. MAGNAT Ceramic provides durable colors resistant even to intensive use and "difficult" stains, such as: ketchup, sunflower oil, water pens, crayons, lipstick, mustard (remove up to 1 hour), coffee, tea, wine (remove up to 15 minutes) . Paint coatings can be washed and wet scrubbed2, also with some disinfectants. The tests were carried out after 28 days on smooth, seasoned substrates for the listed types of stains after the lapse of the indicated times. The manufacturer provides a stain-resistant effect on smooth surfaces.

Paint resistant to wet scrubbing - PN-C-81914:2002 Type I. When used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions given on the packaging, the paint on smooth, seasoned substrates provides a durable color resistant to intensive use, especially in public spaces, i.e.: the following types of impact: touching hands or other body parts, accidental contact with the painted surface of various objects, e.g. jacket, briefcase; fumes (e.g. in the kitchen), dirt, light (including UV rays), wet brushing and washing according to the PN-C-81913 standard (does not apply to washing with the use of disinfectants and cleaning agents, including those containing chlorine or bleaches).

The tests were carried out on selected samples of disinfectants.


permanent color resistant to stains

resistant to washing and scrubbing as well as intensive use

yield up to 16m²/l with one coat

resistant to disinfectants

does not splash while painting

perfect coverage

Application method: roller, hydrodynamic spray

Recommended number of layers: 2

Application of the second layer: min. after 2h

Drying time: min. 3h

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12 Items

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