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MAGNAT Ultra Matt 2.5L


Latex paint for walls and ceilings.

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MAGNAT Ultra Matt is a latex, matt paint dedicated to painting walls and ceilings. Produced on the basis of an innovative technology based on a composition of selected components, it ensures dullness and resistance to UV. Thanks to this formula, MAGNAT Ultra Matt paint creates a matte coating resistant to the "yellowing" effect of the walls. In addition, the increased level of smudge reduction ensures high painting comfort, and the highest level of whiteness ensures satisfaction with the final result. An important advantage of this product is also resistance to washing and scrubbing.

Resistant to washing and scrubbing

Durable white UV resistant

Optimal drying time

Up to 14m² with one coat

Does not splash while painting

Very good adhesion to the substrate

Comfortable painting

Perfect coverage

Up to 140m² yield from a 10L container with a single coat

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7 Items

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