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Black protective foil 5 m x 20 m


Type 200. Black foil protecting against weather conditions.


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Designed as protection against external factors such as: dust, water, dust. Designed to protect workstations, construction materials, excavations. It can be used to temporarily protect thermal and acoustic insulation against moisture. Temporary protection of agricultural products

Low density polyethylene

Color black, graphite.

High tensile, tearing and mechanical damage strength.

Perfectly protects against undesirable weather conditions.


Do not use the protective foil as an insulating layer under the floor. Use only as a sliding layer together with a thick construction foil. This is a safe method that supports the operation of the insulation foil. The use of even several layers of protective foil is not a guarantee of moisture retention. If its thickness is too small, it may not withstand mechanical factors.

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14200 Items

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