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Chlorinated Rubber Thinner 500ml Dragon


Chlorinated rubber thinner in a glass bottle.

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Low sulfur thinner. It does not cause yellowing of the diluted product.


The product is intended for diluting chlorinated rubber products:




     sealing compounds, etc. to working viscosities.

It can be used to clean tools, brushes and dirty elements after painting. It can also be used as a varnish remover and for thinning polyvinyl products.


1. Dilution: Follow the manufacturer's instructions of the product to be diluted.

2. Cleaning of soiled brushes, tools and other elements: immerse the cleaned items in the thinner or wipe them with a clean cloth or a clean brush soaked in the thinner. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat the operation until you get the desired results.

3. Test with a small amount of product before use.

Color: colorless to straw; Density: 0.80kg/L; Consistency: low viscosity liquid; Flash point: < -5 ºC

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