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Sandpaper 80 grit ROLL 115 mm


Abrasive paper in a roll with a grit of 80 for renovation and renovation work.


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Sandpaper in a roll is primarily intended for quick removal of material from larger surfaces. The product is made on a durable paper base that can be used for surface grinding by hand or power tools. Tean high-quality abrasive material is intended for machining e.g. wood, paints, varnishes, putty and optionally metal.

The Klingspor roll is an abrasive paper with very high tear strength and aggressive aluminum oxide grains. Sharp grains increase the aggressiveness of the abrasive, allowing for faster material removal. Each stroke removes a significant amount of material from the workpiece. This rapid removal increases the surface roughness. Roughing is recommended before further sanding with finer grit. The D-paper backing is extremely tear-resistant, yet remains flexible. The PS 30 D roll offers users an excellent price-performance ratio.

The sanding roller thoroughly and quickly sands wood and varnish and paint coatings. Sharp grains require special attention to the direction of work in woodworking - sanding along the grain. When sanding perpendicularly to the grain of the wood, there is a risk of breaking chips and creating deep burrs. Before working with varnish and paint coatings, check with a spatula or other sharp edge whether there are any poorly bonded fragments of the coating. Removing these weakly bonded layers before sanding minimizes the time and effort of subsequent work. For manual sanding, no additional accessories are needed, however, in order to obtain a precise sanding, we recommend attaching the paper from the roll to the sanding block.


Binder - synthetic resin

Grain - aluminum oxide

Embankment - half-open

Substrate - D paper

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119 Items

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115 mm
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50 m
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