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Grafen 750ml polystyrene adhesive


Styrofoam glue (EPS, XPS)

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Styrofoam glue can be used to mount foamed polystyrene boards (XPS or EPS), thermal insulation.

Properly selected adhesives for building materials ensure strong attachment to the surface. For this reason, it is worth choosing preparations dedicated to specific surfaces. One of them is foamed polystyrene glue. Aerosol foam allows precise application. It is worth focusing on such a product, because ordinary adhesives are not able to provide polystyrene with so -called pre -adhesion. The agent of inferior quality may cause the insulation material to bend over time, which over time usually ends with a crack and a loss of tight properties. Professional Styrofoam glue in XPS foam allows you to prevent this, ensuring high efficiency of gluing surface. A product characterized by very good vapor permeability and resistance to systolic features is perfect for its role. Mounting foam for the XPS polystyrene hardens quickly, and the initial adhesion is achieved after 20 minutes. At the same time, it should be emphasized that mounting foam for polystyrene in the form of aerosol is also a good solution for performance.

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