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Woodchron Express GRAY 2.5L impregnation


Impregnat Express is a modern product for protecting and decorating wood.

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Impregnat Express is a modern product for protecting and decorating wood. The product is ideal for painting wooden surfaces such as lamella fences, fences, gazebos, pergolas, woodsheds, barns, farm buildings, etc. The composite impregnation coating creates an advanced water-repellent membrane, while maintaining optimal humidity, which prevents wood degradation. The coating is protected against mold and algae. The unique, precisely selected consistency ensures a comfortable and easy application of the product with a brush and roller, while allowing you to achieve a perfect decorative effect when applied by spray. The product does not drip while painting, creating smooth, even coatings without stains and streaks.

*for unsanded and sanded wood,

* protection of the coating against the development of mold fungi and algae,

* up to 5 years of protection (on vertical surfaces, made of solid wood, using in the system: Drewnochron Impregnat Grunt as a base and 3 layers of Impregnat Express),

* protects the wood against weather conditions,

* satin coating,

* emphasizes the structure of the wood,

* hydrophobic coating, repelling water,

* not dripping during painting,

*suitable for brush, roller and spray application,

*quick drying -2 hours.

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