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VIDARON Protective and Decorative Impregnation V16 anthracite gray 0.7L


VIDARON protective and decorative coating-forming impregnation for wood.

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VIDARON PROTECTIVE AND DECORATIVE COATING-FORMING IMPREGNATE FOR WOOD Coating-forming impregnation for protective and decorative painting of wood outside and inside. Contains the original TeflonTM Surface Protector additive. The impregnation effectively strengthens, protects and decorates the wood, emphasizing its natural beauty. Creates a coating resistant to blue stain, mold and algae. Provides protection against weather conditions: UV radiation, water and snow. Available in 14 ready-made colors. In combination with the colorless VIDARON Protective Impregnate, it provides full wood protection - 6 years.

Finish effect - matt

Capacity - 0.7L

Application method - brush, roller, immersion,

Efficiency - up to 11 m²/l with a single application, depending on the species, density and degree of moisture of the wood.

Number of layers - 2

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12 Items

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0.7 L
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