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OPTOLITH 20kg waterproofing micro-mortar


One-component, flexible sealing mortar.

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One-component, flexible sealing mortar. Insulates and protects structures loaded with pressurized water. It is used to insulate vertical walls sunk into the ground.

Resistant to water under positive and negative pressure

Excellent adhesion to the substrate

Hides scratches up to 3 mm


It is used to insulate vertical walls sunk into the ground. Creates a coating resistant to chlorides and sulfides that protects against carbonation and corrosion of reinforcing steel.



Recommended for elements subjected to mechanical stress: water tanks, swimming pools, concrete pipes, drainage channels. Walls and floors below ground level: basements, plinths, retaining walls. It is also perfect for horizontal interlayer insulation, such as: terraces, balconies, basement floors under ceramic tiles.

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