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Anticorrosive primer - Red-oxide 0.5l DEKORAL


Anti-corrosion primer.

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The anti-corrosion primer is intended for painting steel and cast iron surfaces as well as copper and aluminum elements as a primer for surface products (phthalic enamels, modified alkyd enamels, chlorinated rubber enamels), indoors and outdoors. It can be used for temporary protection against corrosion during transport and storage. Together with the Dekoral topcoat, it provides excellent protection of metal against corrosion. The obtained coating is characterized by a matt finish with good anti-corrosion, mechanical and resistance properties.

  • Basic metal protection
  • Impact resistance
  • High hardness and flexibility of the coating
  • Quick drying
  • Super efficient
  • Very good corrosion resistance in sets
  • Coating resistant to elevated temperatures - up to 100°C
  • DUAL ACTION SYSTEM - a dual-function corrosion protection system
  • hermetic barrier protects the substrate against moisture penetration
  • corrosion inhibitor actively counteracts the formation of rust
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16 Items

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