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Adhesive for tiles ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS 25KG


Quick-setting and flexible gel adhesive.

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The ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS adhesive uses an innovative silicate gel technology. Silicate gel has a unique ability to bind water. Accumulation of part of the mixing water ensures full cement hydration, regardless of the type of cladding to be glued. Thanks to proper water management, which is necessary to complete the bonding process, the gel adhesive guarantees full adhesion to substrates with varying degrees of absorptivity.

The use of silicate gel technology has the following benefits:

• possibility of gluing all types of linings, both absorbent and non-absorbent,

• the ability to optimally adjust the consistency of the adhesive to the individual preferences of the contractor and the needs resulting from a specific application, by dosing water in a much wider range than in the case of traditional adhesives,

• obtaining a full flow of glue under the boards, which improves adhesion and durability of the fixing, especially in outdoor applications,

• safe fixing of tiles on substrates exposed to direct sunlight (provided that the temperature does not exceed the permissible value), both during tiling works and during binding of the adhesive mortar.

Main properties:

ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS is produced in the form of a dry mix of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifying agents: natural and synthetic

fast-setting - the use of fast-setting cement in the adhesive allows for very quick increases in adhesion and strength, especially in the initial period (the first 2-3 hours from the moment of gluing the tiles. This allows you to step on the tiles and grouting already after 2 hours from gluing the tiles - the glue is also recommended for quick repairs of ceramic tiles (e.g. on balconies, terraces, etc.)

a wide range of thickness of the adhesive layer (2-15 mm) allows for:


thin-layer gluing of linings on an even surface,

thin-layer gluing of cladding on an uneven substrate, preceded by leveling putty,

thick-layer gluing of linings on uneven substrates, without the need for leveling

no flow of the cladding - makes it possible to glue the cladding "from above", without the need to support it at the assembly stage

no settling of the tiles during setting - thanks to which you can continue the interrupted cladding works without fear of lowering the level of the glued tiles (after they have set)

is insensitive to changing weather conditions - enables fast and safe execution of cladding works in various weather conditions; the fast achievement of operational parameters by the adhesive reduces the possibility of damage to the cladding installed outside the building at the assembly stage

  The most important features:

boarding after 2 hours

possibility of grouting after 2 hours

installation of ceramic and stone tiles, stoneware, mosaics

for use in passageways, bathrooms, balconies and terraces

perfect flow and no flow even with large formats

for difficult substrates, including: old tiles, terrazzo, plasterboards, waterproofing, underfloor heating, concrete and OSB

a wide range of mixing water - adjusting the consistency to the application needs

for filling, thin- and thick-layer gluing

possibility of application in the temperature range from +5 ⁰C to +35 ⁰C

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