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RAFIL Radach - RAL8011 NUT BROWN 0.75L


Rafil Radach paint for the roof.

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RAFIL RADACH ROOF PAINT Professional paint for painting roofs, gutters and window sills. 2 in 1 product: primer + paint. Provides increased protection against changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Creates a durable, highly flexible coating. It can be used for external steel, galvanized and aluminum surfaces, both when applying new paints and renovating old paint coatings. The paint ensures high efficiency: up to 12m2/l with a single application and an 8-year protection guarantee.

The paint is intended for protective and decorative painting of external metal surfaces: steel, galvanized and

aluminum, both for new painting and renovation of old paint coatings. Especially recommended for

painting roofs, gutters, windowsills, etc. Product for professional and industrial use.

*Protection Guarantee 8 years,

* Increased protection against changing weather conditions and UV radiation,

*Quick drying, touch dry after 60 minutes,

*Efficiency: up to 12 m²/l with one coat,

* Application of the second layer: 6h,

*Tools: brush, roller, spray,

*Tool cleaning: Rafil RADACH THINNER,

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9 Items

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