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ATLAS ceramic grout - Pastel beige 5kg


Fine aggregate cement grout (1-20 mm)

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ATLAS CERAMIC JOINT is a joint perfectly suited to the needs of both contractors, for whom work comfort is important, and demanding investors who value aesthetics, functionality, safety and durability of solutions.

Grout friendly to contractors - it is characterized by unprecedented ease of cleaning and profiling.

Thanks to the innovative formula, we obtain a ceramic coating characterized by high durability during many years of operation, in particular:

• elimination of micro-scratches and cracks - thanks to the fibers of the appropriate diameter and length, a spatial reinforcing structure is produced when the mortar is mixed

• elimination of discoloration and efflorescence - thanks to the use of high-quality mineral ingredients,

• high resistance to UV radiation, allowing to maintain durable and intense colors for years - thanks to the use of special, strictly selected inorganic pigments, additionally protected against degradation by a hydrophobic polymer,

• high resistance to washing, scrubbing, abrasion and cleaning agents - keeping the joints clean is easy throughout the entire period of use.

Scope of application - for any cladding on any substrate, inside and outside buildings. It is recommended for dry, damp and wet rooms, for underfloor heating, deformable substrates, building facades, etc.

Available packaging - alubag bags: 2 kg and 5 kg

Main properties:

very low water absorption - the grout shows early resistance to washing already during setting (at the stage of application and first washing there is no washing out of the joint)

stain resistant - very easy to keep clean; the use of structural hydrophobic and oleophobic agents protects the surface and structure against dirt penetration and discoloration at the stage of use (the grout reaches full resistance to dirt after 21 days)

resistant to scrubbing and repeated washing - cleaning does not deprive the joint of hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (the grout reaches full resistance to scrubbing after 21 days)

durable, unchanging color - no discoloration or marbling effect thanks to a specially selected range of selected pigments

very high mechanical resistance - the joint is resistant to high operating loads, including intensive use of the cladding surface. Thanks to the use of fibers, the grout retains high flexibility and resistance to cracking

increased adhesion to the edges of the tiles - even in the case of high operational loads or thermal deformations of the cladding

resistant to temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +80 °C


Main parameters:

min/max joint width: 1 mm - 20 mm

mortar preparation temperature, substrate and ambient temperature during work: from +5 °C to +35 °C

pre-wash after 10-30 minutes

final wash after 4-8 hours

light foot traffic after 6-8 hours

full mechanical load after approx. 24 hours

full resistance to scrubbing after approx. 21 days of setting

full resistance to dirt after approx. 21 days of setting

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