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ATLAS Flexible Grout - Dark Gray (036) 5kg


Fine aggregate cement grout (1 - 7 mm)

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ATLAS NARROW JOINT is a grouting mortar with a unique recipe, including proper preparation of the cement mix. It was created for the most demanding users who value aesthetics, functionality, safety and durability of solutions. The widest color palette on the market, in line with current trends, allows you to match the grout to individual preferences and the character of the interior.

The most important features

flexible and resistant to damage

smooth and easy to clean

for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, balconies and floor heating

resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungi

Main properties

high mechanical resistance - even for medium and high operational loads, including intensive use of the lining surface, frequent washing, scrubbing and abrasion

very low water absorption, thanks to which the grout is resistant to moisture and dirt penetration

smooth surface - possible to obtain thanks to the content of very fine aggregate

Main parameters

joint thickness: 1 - 7 mm

application temperature: from +5 °C to + 25 °C

ready to work time: approx. 2 h

foot traffic: after approx. 24 h

full load after approx. 24 hours

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8 Items

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5 kg
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